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Trade with aluminium and PVC profiles

"Saris Ltd. is highly specialized in the trade of aluminum and PVC profiles, consumables and all kinds of accessories necessary for the production of window frames and curtain facades.

Our company works with European manufacturers of aluminum and PVC systems such as ETEMALUMILKöMMERLING and many more, which you can see here.

For the convenience of our customers, we can also offer a complete material processing cycle according to set criteria.

Trade with aluminium sheet

Sheet metal is widely used in many branches of industry and the products manufactured on its basis are an essential part of the product list of Saris Ltd. The offered laminated is in the form of sheets and rolls.

E 1000 opening system: two lines - straight and rounded. The system allows for fixed and openable positions. Openability: outward and inward opening; vertical axis opening and biplane opening; bottom and top vertical axis. Suitable for shop windows and interior doors.

E 19 sliding opening system. Modular construction allowing new configurations to be added on top of existing construction. Ability to implement all known types of opening and fillings - single pane, glazing, sliding shutters - sun protection panels, anti-insect or protective nets.

E 3000 sliding system with interrupted thermal bridge. Secure and stable system suitable for large pool wings, conservatories. Allows maximum sunlight penetration and optimum view of the environment without unnecessary rasterization. Possibility of installation of anti-insect net.

E 24 opening system with interrupted thermal bridge: with elegant straight and rounded line. Opening - opening on vertical axis, two-plane opening, possibility of opening outwards and inwards, opening on lower and upper horizontal axis, harmonic opening, parallel sliding.

E 45 Opening system with interrupted thermal bridge: the perfect ratio between maximum structural stability and the use of a minimum amount of aluminium is achieved. Reinforcement of the profiles at the stress-bearing points.

E 40 openable system with interrupted thermal bridge: all possible types of openability. Specially designed EPDM seals for better thermal insulation, water and air tightness. Carefully selected accessories. Possibility of execution with aluminium and PVC fittings. Glazing from 18 to 40 mm. Wide range of window skirts from 70 to 230 mm and caps for them.

If you would like further information on prices and delivery, please do not hesitate to contact us!


Trade with PVC profiles

PVC Q72 system has a classic design and excellent physical-technological characteristics and is developed according to the increased environmental and energy requirements for windows. The five chambers and the installation width of 72 mm provide very good thermal and acoustic insulation of the profiles, which combined with suitable glazing units forms a product with excellent insulating qualities.

Four-chamber window and door system Q60 is made with the most environmentally friendly stabilizer CALCIUM-ZINK. Through the thickness of the outer wall, the system achieves a high heat transfer coefficient. The four chambers provide good thermal insulation. Noise is kept to a minimum. Metal reinforcements provide greater stability and strength to the structures.