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"Saris Ltd. has qualified personnel, machinery and equipment for the construction of 10 000 sq.m. per month - construction of residential, public and industrial buildings.

Ability to perform rough standing, specialized units by parts - electrical, water supply and sewerage, heating and ventilation, units for installation of window frames, curtain walls, ventilated facades, railings et al.

Significant experience in the field of civil construction. Each year, two construction projects are completed with residential and office parts of key Class A locations in Sofia or Plovdiv that meet the highest energy efficiency standards.

Construction of industrial constructionas in Bulgaria and abroad. Our company offers construction solutions based on a completely closed production cycle - from the client's vision, through architectural and engineering design to the final construction of the building with the corresponding control of the implementation of each technological stage.

Rough construction

  • Execution of earthworks - excavation and bulk, terracing and vertical planning.
  • Carrying out all types of construction and assembly works included in the rough construction of the buildings - formwork, reinforcement, concrete and masonry works. Fabrication and erection of steel structures.
  • Construction of insulation of external walls, electrical installation, HVAC, air conditioning.
  • All modern requirements in construction are met - strength, Safety, functionality and energy efficiency.

Finishing works

  • Construction of roof constructions, execution of all installation works
  • Laying hydro- and thermal insulation, external and internal plastering and cladding
  • Performance of light partition walls, suspended ceilings, plastering and painting works.
  • The company owns a unit for manufacture and installation of aluminium, PVC and specialised joinerysuspended glass facades and ventilated facades with composite cladding, stone and ceramics. Manufacture and installation of handrails in aluminium, stainless steel and glass.
  • Mechanization for delivery and installation of glazing with large sizes and in hard-to-reach places .
  • Glass products suitable for exterior designer , and for interior projects satisfying architectural requirements.
  • Turnkey handover of the site

Industrial construction

The construction of industrial halls, bank offices, hotel buildings and other objects is among the traditional activities of Saris Ltd. Many years of experience and a rich portfolio of international clients - this is the company's distinctive profile in the construction industry...

Residential construction

From rough construction to Act 16, Saris Ltd. has the experience and technological capabilities to complete any residential project in the country or abroad. Each architectural solution finds its realization with the most modern certified materials and qualified specialists. The technique and well-trained...

Suspended facades

The modern look of the buildings is radiated from the exterior curtain glass facades. Offering the most advanced technological systems from renowned manufacturers such as ETEM, Schüco or ALUMIL, the team of Saris Ltd. can perfectly realize the architect's design and maximize...


Thermally insulated profiles are available for external windows and without thermal insulation for internal windows and doors. Functional for exterior windows is a sliding system of profiles with thermal insulation and with profiles without thermal insulation, which offers from single-track to four-track profiles...


"Saris" Ltd. manufactures high quality glazing, designed for both own sites and for direct sale. We offer a wide range of glass thicknesses, with different glass types and suppliers, depending on the intended use of the products or...

Metal constructions

A team with many years of experience and modern equipment has the capabilities to perform any task set by the designers and planners.Always with the necessary attention to the responsible tasks set, this technological unit has behind it a number of completed and commissioned industrial and...


The advantage of Ethalbond cladding is that it is an environmentally friendly product that is easy to maintain. It does not age and does not corrode. It has high insulation and is convenient for different solutions, giving an exceptional modernist design to buildings...

Automatic doors

Saris Ltd. supplies, installs and provides warranty service of automatic doors, automatic fire ventilation systems (RWA), a diverse range of overhead and floor automatic closers for glass and other doors, movable glass walls (MSW)...

About Saris Ltd

About Saris Ltd.

"Saris Ltd. is a construction company with long traditions. It was established in 1991 in Plovdiv. Since then, we have continuously increased our areas of expertise and today we can offer our customers a closed service cycle - from the conceptual design to the turnkey!

Among our products you will find industrial and residential buildings, various types of windows and facades, glass and metal structures, automatic doors and heating panels.

"Saris Ltd. also develops its activities in the field of energy-efficient and ecological "green" technologies. For you our customers, we design, supply and build photovoltaic plants and photovoltaic panel systems.

Saris Ltd.

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