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Solar projects


The company is a leader in the supply of equipment, design, construction and maintenance of photovoltaic parks and solar power plants.
Saris does not offer ready-made solutions. Each project is individual and always receives the most optimal solution.


Saris successfully builds turnkey power plants up to 1 MW - ground and rooftop.
Custom fabrication, delivery and installation of small installations suitable for single family homes with power from 10 to 30 KW.


Warranty and post-warranty service for the photovoltaic projects implemented by the company.
Readiness for quick response from our team in case of difficulties.

Ground photovoltaic structures

Photovoltaic module mounting system for outdoor use.

A steel support is driven by machine into the ground base, the depth being determined by the soil and snow and wind loads for the particular location. A grid of aluminium profiles is built on top of the driven support.

The length of the supporting structure is virtually unlimited and depends entirely on the specifics of the particular project.

Solar power plants

SARIS is one of the first companies in the country and abroad to develop renewable energy. With the launch of the program for the introduction of environmentally friendly sources of renewable energy, it developed its own design for ground-mounted solar parks. It is finding extremely good market acceptance. Thanks to its affordable price and ease of operation, the system is fast becoming one of the industry leaders. It has been used for projects with a total capacity of 28 MW at various locations in the country. At the same time, a solar roof structure is being introduced into production, replacing entirely the need to pre-roof the building with tiles or other material. It may be noted that it is one of the few such facilities in the world.

This system is already well known in the German market, which traditionally insists on high quality. More than 10 sites have been handed over and commissioned in Germany.