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Production of glass units

Glass panes for window frames

"Saris" Ltd. manufactures high quality glazing designed for both for own sites and for direct sale. We offer a wide range of glazing thicknesses, the glass is made of different type and supplierdepending on the intended use of the products or the customer's wish.

Glass cutting and washing is an automatic process In addition, the company owns a machine for removing the soft emission layer in the spacer area. Silicones of the companies are used for bonding BASF и Dow Corning.

The glazing consists of two or more sheets of flat glass of the same, or of a different kind with spacer between them, hermetically sealed. The glazing must guarantee a high degree of thermal insulation, which is determined by the thermal transmittance of the glazing unit. The lower the heat transfer coefficient, the better the thermal insulation. The choice of glazing glass depends on the effect to be achieved according to the type, purpose and location of the structure.

Thanks to the airtight sealing of the space between the panes, no moisture and dust can enter the system and the lighting in the room is not disturbed. To improve the thermal and acoustic insulation properties of the glazing, the space between the panes can be filled with inert gases /argon/.


Glazing for facades

The glazing of the structural facades are glued tightly togetheras the only separator are sealing (silicone) joints. In this way, the façade creates the optical impression of a complete glass surface, which gives it a special architectural value.

Structural glazing units are fixed by special silicones, which are characterized by exceptional elasticity and strength after curing. With the help of these silicones, the glazing unit is glued to an auxiliary frame, which in turn is mechanically fixed to the supporting structure of the facade. The gluing to the frame is done at the company's base, thus avoiding all possible risksthat would result from this operation on the construction site.

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