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"Saris Ltd. has qualified personnel, mechanization and equipment for the construction of 10 000 sq.m. per month - construction of residential, public and industrial buildings. It has specialized units for parts - electrical, water supply and sewerage, heating and ventilation, units for installation of window frames, suspended facades...

Solar projects

The company is a leader in the supply of equipment, design, construction and maintenance of photovoltaic parks and solar power plants. Saris successfully builds turnkey power plants up to 1 MW - ground and rooftop. Custom fabrication, supply and installation of small installations suitable for single family residences from 10 to 30 KW.

Processing of AL and PVC

The company has a long tradition in aluminium processing and owns state-of-the-art equipment that is constantly updated. Thanks to the technology and consumables, Saris has the ability to cut, mill, punch and bend aluminium according to parameters set by the customer. External services are also performed for our customers, such as carburizing, punching and PVC joinery. The company has a complete set of equipment for milling PVC windows.

Trade with AL and PVC profiles

"Saris Ltd. is highly specialized in the trade of aluminum and PVC profiles, consumables and all kinds of accessories necessary for the production of window frames and curtain facades. Our company works with European manufacturers of aluminium and PVC systems such as ETEM, ALUMIL, KöMMERLING and many more, which you can see here. For the convenience of our customers, we can also offer a complete material processing cycle according to set criteria.

About Saris Ltd

About Saris Ltd.

"Saris Ltd. is a construction company with long traditions. It was established in 1991 in Plovdiv. Since then, we have continuously increased our areas of expertise and today we can offer our customers a closed service cycle - from the conceptual design to the turnkey!

Among our products you will find industrial and residential buildings, various types of windows and facades, glass and metal structures, automatic doors and heating panels.

"Saris Ltd. also develops its activities in the field of energy-efficient and ecological "green" technologies. For you our customers, we design, supply and build photovoltaic plants and photovoltaic panel systems.

Saris Ltd.

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