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Suspended facades

Every designer or architect uses the advantages of suspended structural or semi-structural facades as an accent in the new urban environment. Contemporary urban centres around the world are obviously unthinkable without this modern building technology providing a sense of internal spaciousness and impeccable light vision.

Following modern technologies we successfully implement ventilated facade systems providing a high standard of the indoor living environment. They perform the function of the final decorative treatment of the facade and provide reliable protection of the underlying layers, protecting them from adverse weather influences and realizing high energy saving indicators.


The modern look of the buildings is radiated from the exterior curtain glass facades. Offering the most advanced technological systems from renowned manufacturers such as ETEM, Schüco or ALUMIL, the team of Saris Ltd. can perfectly realize the architect's concept and maximize the realization of his vision.

A specific feature of the structural façade system is the presence of "wings" around the perimeter of the modules, allowing any non-openable part to become openable, without any visual difference on the façade.

E 8000 - without aluminium profiles visible from the outside. With silicone joints between the glazings. No optical difference between openable and non-openable part.


The facades give uniqueness and freedom of solutions, tailored to the architecture of your building.

It is possible to mount the E 90 on the inside of the building without scaffolding. Complex modules can be implemented with different materials. E 90 has externally visible joints between the glazing units and narrow frames (approx. 13 mm) aluminium profiles. It does not require specially glued and tempered glazing units. No optical difference in openable and non-openable part. Excellent value for money.


Suitable for bank offices and financial institutions. It has optimal thermal insulation - a set of PVC insulators.
E 85 - a functional system that allows for vertical facades, roofs, domes, pyramids and conservatories. Depending on the type of system, the cap can be 50 mm or 60 mm.

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