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Composite panels - Ethalbond

Composite sandwich panels for building cladding and modern interior solutions, popular under the name ETALBOND, have been offered by Saris Ltd. since their introduction in Bulgaria. As an innovative and reliable technology with high energy efficiency, allowing the realization of any avant-garde architectural compositions, sandwich panels and their suspension structures are a priority in our production. The facades of a large number of hotels and office buildings in the country and abroad bear the handwriting of our team, successfully applying its many years of experience.

The advantage of Ethalbond cladding is that it is an environmentally friendly product that is easy to maintain. It does not age and does not corrode. It has high insulation and is convenient for different solutions, giving an outstanding modernist design to buildings.

Standard sizes of Etalbond aluminium composite are available in widths of 800, 1000, 1250, 1500 mm and lengths of 3200 mm, as well as non-standard sizes. The panels can be in any colour as per catalogue.

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