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Aluminium joinery

Do you want to make a once-in-a-lifetime investment in glazing your home or office building? This will be provided by the window frames with aluminium profiles. Time-honoured and resistant to all weather conditions, they are versatile: from heavy-duty entrance doors to wet-room operation on facades exposed to sudden temperature changes. Interior aluminium doors and partitions are convenient and easy to operate. They create a feeling of luxury and clean aesthetics.

At Saris Ltd. we have extensive experience in the implementation of architectural projects of great complexity and specific requirements. We work with all the leading firms in the sector and will flexibly offer you the solution you need to realise your ideas or the architect's vision.

Available thermally insulated profiles for external window frames и without thermal insulation for interior windows and doors. Functional for external showcases is a sliding system of profiles with thermal insulation and with profiles without thermal insulation, which offers from single-track to four-track profiles.

Windows, doors and shopfronts are an essential element in the function of any building. The window frames we offer have profiles in colours by catalogue and customer's wish. Our company works with European manufacturers of aluminium systems such as ETEMALUMILELVIALSchüco et al.

Also of interest are the new canopy and louvre systemswhich may be stationary or mobile. They have a special design, as they support the slats in different positions and allow installation even in front of a suspended facade.

PVC joinery

PVC windows are a very popular and reliable solution for both new residential construction and renovation of old buildings. With its variety of shapes and rich colour palette, it is a stylish, harmonious and plastic solution for application in all kinds of architectural solutions - homes, hotels, administrative and industrial buildings.

PVC windows offered by us are supplied by established manufacturers on the world market - ETEMSchücoTHYSSENBLICK TRADE LTDREHAUKöMMERLING. It meets all international standards for thermal insulation and noise insulation, and is accompanied by the necessary certificates.

We guarantee excellent quality installation, made by long-time specialists.

The profiles we offer provide high thermal and waterproofing qualities to your home even in the harshest weather conditions.

In the manufacture of PVC window frames, special sealants are applied. They serve for thermal insulation, sound insulation and water insulation at large temperature amplitudes (from - 50C° to +70C° degrees).

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